Police search Grant Park neighbourhood after break in

Police fanned out around the area and had many area residents wondering what was going on .

Police had zeroed in on a home on Carter Avenue near Stafford.

There are reports from the scene that officers were searching the for a suspect in a break-in that may have been armed.

say the area is quiet and were surprised to wake up this morning and see so many police searching the area.

tell police wouldn’t give them any information despite the large .

“It’s a little intimidating I guess, not knowing what’s going on, but i’m happy they’re here if there is something going on,” said a man who lives in the area.”

“A couple cops were walking up and down the and in and out through the yard and circling the house,” said a woman who also lives nearby.

Police have not released any details about the incident and were not able to confirm if any arrests had been made.

The ’s is closed for the long weekend.

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