Ernest MacIntosh says accusers in sexual abuse case should be charged with perjury

HALIFAX – A former man accused of sexually abusing boys in the 1970s says two of his accusers should face perjury charges.

In April, the upheld a lower court ruling that quashed all of the charges against Ernest MacIntosh.

Lawyer confirms his client submitted a letter to Nova Scotia Ross Landry asking him to consider charges against two men, who MacIntosh only identifies by .

But Casey says that at this point it’s unlikely perjury charges will be laid.

Casey says MacIntosh wants to draw public attention to a Nova Scotia decision that rejected all 17 convictions against him in 2011 partly because the court said some complainants lacked credibility.

In his four-page letter released by Casey, MacIntosh says subsequent media reports have instead focused on the Supreme Court of ’s decision, which was based solely on grounds that the 14-year delay between the original allegations and the trial was too long.

MacIntosh says he has always maintained his and that he would welcome a public inquiry into the case so long as it went beyond looking into what caused the delay.

The letter refers to the two men by the initials and JH, but the decision doesn’t make reference to a JH.

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