Bowness street festival a welcome break for flood ravaged community

CALGARY – Residents in Bowness have been working non-stop to clean up their community after flooding tore through the area in June.

But on Monday, they took a well-deserved break to celebrate their annual Heritage Day Street Festival.

Bowness, which was a town until it was amalgamated by Calgary in 1963, celebrated its 100 in 2011 by their first street festival.

It was such a that decided to make the an annual event.

On Monday, hundreds of people headed to Main Street to enjoy some , food and .

There is still a of work to be done in the community before it will be fully restored – and Bowness School, for example, both remain closed.

“We have done a lot of work, [but] we have made a lot of ,” says Bowness resident Kim O’Donnell. “We have had learned a lot of lessons, and it’d been very humbling.”

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